My new yoga mat

Hmmm. Since I quit Hot Yoga I decided to buy a REAL yoga mat ((I received a free “yoga” mat when I signed up for my year-long membership at the 5 star gym I joined)). HAHAHAHA   The gym is actually something comparable to a place I would NEVER frequent back home. Every piece of equipment smells of musty sweat/damp towels…you get the picture.  yum.

But, the price was right so I joined the gym for a year. Anyway, as a special THANK YOU to ME, the gym gave me a free yoga mat. Oh wait—-make that a free “yoga” mat. See…it’s actually just a styrofoam rectangle…can’t really practice yoga on it since my hands and feet  slip all over the place while standing on it.

I asked my boss to help me look for some yoga mats on the internet since the cheapest one at E-Mart is 15,000 won and blue. And I wanted a RED yoga mat. I am, after all, interested in the Feng Shui of my apartment. Thus, I needed a RED yoga mat. Anyway, blue is SO overdone in the yoga mat industry.

I bought a red yoga mat on G-Market ( a cheapy internet site where one can buy all sorts of shtuff at decent prices ).  Do you think any red flags were raised when I saw that my nice, thick, RED, yoga mat was only 7,000 won????  Nah. I thought…”Oh, the company doesn’t have any overhead costs…they can sell for less!!!”  I thought for only a millisecond that my yoga mat would be a toxic bomb smelling of all sorts of chemicals imported in fresh from China.

Well, once again–not heeding my internal signals~!!~!~  And so I bought the red yoga mat. It smells like a tire. A tire on a car. Burnt tire actually. Maybe hot asphalt being laid in the summer…?  Is that a good thing? I think not. Why would I want to breathe in TIRE smell when I’m doing Ashtanga Virbhadrasana?   I wouldn’t. So, now I’m contemplating just getting rid of this one and buying an EXPENSIVE, NOT MADE IN CHINA yoga mat. Except I think the Chinese are the only people who make them. Once again,  I have yet another piece of information to research. Yay.

I want the koi fish mat!~!~!

Anyway, my yoga practice is of course on hold for the moment. GRRRRRR.

People:  Don’t go the cheap route on yoga mats. ‘Nuff said.

“Without frugality none can be rich, and with it very few would be poor.”  ~~~Samuel Johnson

….I tried, Samuel.


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  1. Brooke replied:

    How funny – I just went yoga mat shopping with my mom last week and we smelled all the mats before deciding what to buy! In the end we didn’t get anything – the ones we liked the most smelled horrible. And the ones that didn’t smell were kinda boring looking. Also still searching for the perfect yoga mat…
    I LOVE these, but they’re $50!

  2. Osea replied:

    And you must explain Ashtanga Virbhadrasana. I really tried to find out, but. . . .

    Go, girl!

  3. Sher replied:

    Cover your face, do your yoga and BE HAPPY.


  4. Lynn replied:

    why buy another yoga mat when you aren’t doing yoga anymore?

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