Dr. Sung’s Clinic (better be known as the Rip-off Center)

So, I’ve got a lot on my mind tonight. Lots of negative stuff mostly so ‘fraid that’s what I’ll mostly be blogging about these next few posts.

I had been stressing about my possible female balding sitch for a while so I decided I’d go to a doctor to have my hormone levels checked since I read on the Internet that out-of-whack hormone levels could be a cause for female pattern hair loss…Sooooo, I just so happened to have a friend who referred me to the Ob/gyn clinic she had just visited. She told  me that the doctors were great there and they offered great service and everyone there spoke English. “Wow.” I thought. Sounded too good to be true, right? WELL OF COURSE IT WAS.

If there’s one thing in this world that daddy dearest taught me it’s that very motto. But, I called and made an appointment to be seen by the doc anyway. I wanted to get my hormone levels checked and throw in a routine annual pelvic exam while I was there.

So. I found myself in Seoul this morning. I traveled about an hour to get to the Clinic, which is located in a plain black building with no loud, screaming, bright signs on the outside of it. Very nondescript…it was interesting to say the least. It’s frequented a lot by foreigners because this lady Dr. Sung is listed as a great doctor to go to on Seoul’s “Hospitals in Korea for Foreigners” List. Oh yah.

I’ll make this brief: (I know, I know…14 paragraphs later…)

From the moment I walked in I kind of got a bad feeling. My 6th sense is getting stronger and stronger these days and well, it was spot on when I walked in and kind of thought…”ehhhh.”  It was a questioning/concerned “eh.”

First of all, there was another foreigner (Aussie, I’d say) being given a consultation on how to treat her HPV right in the frickin’ waiting room. There wasn’t a private office where she could be told she has HPV and the steps she and her boyfriend were going to have to take…???  Not cool. I wondered what private bits of me were going to be broadcasted later on.

So, right at the stroke of 11 (my appointment time) I was called in to see the doctor. She was a terribly fast talker…the kind of ESLer who talked so fast I REALLY couldn’t understand one flippin’ word she said. All I felt was rushed, uncomfortable and that she was trying to force symptoms and then treatments for possible diseases I might have on me. *ugh*

She started off asking me if I wanted X, Y, Z, Q, T, W, F and C…..I said—“Ummmmmmmmmm. I want T.”  That’s all I want. Maybe I’ll think about “F” at a later time. But, all I need is T.”

And she replied, “OK, OK. I give you some matreeals. You read. You choice. OK? OK. Here. See this one. (Handing me a stack of papers) OK. You go her to have “T.” She help you. OK. Good. OK. Come back after “T.” OK? OK. Good. You want “C” today? “C” could show problem. Then we do other one, “Q” to confirm all regular. All clear. OK. No “C?” No “C.”

All the while I’m thinking, “Lalalalalalalalalala” And trying to think of some new lyrics about her nutty, lame ass clinic…

This used to be a CLI-NIC

But now it’s full of evil clowns

It’s time to start the countdown.

I’m gonna burn it down, down, down…This used to be a CLI-NIC

HAHAHAH, Or, I’ll just steal from P!nk  heehee^^  These lyrics are of course sung to the tune of her song, FUNHOUSE. 😛

Oh boy, I’m segueing sooo much more than I thought I would (though not very smoothly, eh?). Hopefully you’re still with me. Anyway. Here goes:

I didn’t even end up getting my hormone levels checked because they were going to charge me $75 or so…probably more $$ and I thought that was a rip-off price for Korea, right?!??!?!  Shiiiiit. That is a U.S. price. Just ’cause you can speak a little Englishee at the bloody speed of light doesn’t mean you get to charge American prices, lady.

It is my impression of this place (the way they pass out brochures for procedures like the pervs on Vegas Boulevard pass out sex cards…), that this place is in business 100,000,000% for profit and not even 0.00000001%  to actually HELP women.

They feed off of women’s insecurities and worries. For god’s sake it’s a combo Aesthetics Clinic, too–total red flag in America. But, in Korea…~~eh, there’s a lot of combo shops. The second I was done with my exam…I was shooed into the Aesthetics Consultation room…where I was met by an implanted and contoured Korean named Renee. She’d had her lips injected, her skin microdermabrasioned, and was wearing a custom-tailored corset (which she of course showed me when she was encouraging me to get one). When I asked her if it was uncomfortable wearing it everyday she replied, “Oh, it helps me stay skinny. You know…I have 2 kids???”  (((insert eyeroll)))  I wanted to say, “Lady…in the U.S….after you pop out a couple of kids, you’re finally ALLOWED to have some rolls…they’re necessary for the babies so they’ll always have a pillow handy…you know???” But, she wouldn’t have gotten the humor…so I just said, “Wow. I don’t want one, thanks.”  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

To wrap this up, let me just share some of the more noteworthy statements made to me by some of the nutjob employees there today:

Dr. Sung to me: “If you have the endom-ee-tuh-ree-o-sos then we will help. Read this (handing me another stack of brochures, etc.” !!!!! WHY WOULD I F*ing HAVE ENDOMETRIOSIS!?!??!?!?!?!?  Nutjob.  Why is she putting that negative shit out there? JEEEEZ. I wanted to have an ultrasound done to rule out cysts on my ovaries!!! Dang. That’s all. Anyway, she said that to me AFTER she had my ultrasound results in her hands and she could clearly see in the photo that I am perfectly healthy–no cysts…


Renee to me: “Oh, you know spring is coming…small clothes…you need a small body!” “Medicine and treatment are the best thing.”  (This was during the weight reduction consultation)  She strongly recommended I pay them hundreds of dollars every week to go in and have them inject some shit into my fat blobs to shrink them in size. I thought otherwise.

So, all in all my opinion of this “Clinic” is that it’s a scary place filled with scary people. Watch your wallets, people. I truly believe that they are stealing from us Waygooks and stealing from the Korean Medical Insurance system, claiming that half their treatments/exams ARE NOT covered by the Korean Health Insurance. Bullsh*t. I am going to look into that. I find it very peculiar that health insurance would NOT cover a pap smear?!?!?!? They charge 80,000 won for a pap smear. Whatev. I’m sure they’re charging us clueless waygooks and then filing the claim to be processed by insurance, too.   Hmmm….  Taylor Investigations is on the job. TBC…

“In the day that thou stoodest on the other side, in the day that the strangers carried away captive his forces, and foreigners entered into his gates, and cast lots upon Jerusalem, even thou wast as one of them.”–The Bible  <—this was the best quote about foreigners I could find. ^^


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  1. grasshoppergrrl replied:

    OK. I was informed that Korean health insurance doesn’t cover pap smears until a woman is MARRIED or 33–whichever comes first, I guess… =/
    Anyway, I *suppose* it’s a legitimate charge for the pap smear. But, $80 bucks? Kind of steep, isn’t it? For Korea??

  2. Queen replied:

    I found your comment amusing, funny, straight-forward, and accurate. There is a lack of privacy; Dr. Sung always uses the words, “Ok?, ok.” She speaks very fast; there’s no time to feel comfort or secured about your privacy. The brightside: everything is done quick, fast, and what you pay for is what you get without hassles or verification. Simple!

  3. Terri Davis replied:

    I went once and will never go again. They charge fir everything and try to get you to do 100s of treatments and take meds you don’t need.

  4. Cha-Cha replied:

    I understand where you are coming from 100% I found that I just had to find a good English speaking doctor in my town (wonju at the time). I know it wasn’t a good experience for you, and I hope you found everything out you needed to find. The clinic did help me jump-start and lose about 80 pounds, but I did go for that specific purpose. I’ve also been for a pap to get tested for polycystic ovarian disease, but I realiszed too that their ob/gyn services aren’t that great. Doctors in Korea are really about money at times. It’s really sad, and a lot of us expats get the side-effects. Though I’ve seen some pretty blotched-up nose jobs here and bad botox! I’ve even had 2nd degree burns from facial IPL b/c a lot of doctors lack experience dealing with various skin tones (particularly black as in my case). So again I hope everything worked out for the best at another doctor!

  5. Kristin replied:

    I cannot agree less! Not only does she speak super duper fast and trying to get you to do all the useless exams, but also only gave me 1 min when I went there for ‘consultation.’

  6. Shenae replied:

    I had a wonderful experience. she found a lump in my breast. Gave me all of my films to take to my doctor in the US and I was able to have the surgery because of her thought that the lump had a 1% chance of being cancer. I really hate you had a bad experience.

  7. Amy replied:

    THANK YOU for writing this!! I just went there this morning, and I have never felt so ripped-off and violated by a doctor…I am Canadian so I have never had to deal with private health-care, and all I can say is that I went in with a totally innocuous concern, and I came out worried and scared-shitless! She tries to persuade you that there’s something really wrong with you, so that you have to pay for her stupidly expensive medical treatments. She was so inconsiderate and non-chalant towards my questions. This woman is a total hack.

  8. Amy replied:

    Oh, and in my opinion any doctor that promotes vaginoplasty is obviously not a place that is much concerned with female health or well-being.

  9. http://gustavonyws.mylivepage.com replied:

    Incredible quest there. What occurred after?

  10. Anonymous replied:

    I’ve been a patient of Dr. Sung’s for many years, and through my experiences, I can say two things: 1. She overcharges. 2. She forces unnecessary treatments. Just recently, she found cervical tissue growth and sent a sample for biopsy. It came back noncancerous. She removed the tissue using cryotherapy. Although Dr. Sung provides lots of literature, it’s usually not relevant so I did a bit of research online. Medical sites say that you get one treatment. When I went in for a check-up, she told me that I would need multiple treatments, up to eight. She laughed when I said I thought I only needed one. I then told her that I was leaving Korea in a few weeks and would like a copy of my medical record for my future doctor. After the second treatment, she proceeded to tell me that I didn’t need anymore treatments and that everything looked good.

    I also do not like how they handle patients at the front desk. There is no privacy and everyone in the waiting room can hear your reasons for visiting the client as well as the medication you’ve been prescribed.

    Last, it’s very unprofessional for patients to see other patients’ information. This has happened every time I go the room with Dr. Sung’s assistants when they give me literature to read. I can see a list of patients on the screen in the room. I’ve also been shown another patient’s mammogram on the screen, clearly displaying her surname, age, and country.

  11. jang replied:

    oh my god!! So I went there for nuva ring, and she convinced me to have an IUD (because its expensive and they probably want my money) which was horrific!!! painful is not even good enough to describe it. And also a pap smear which I didn’t want or need. When I went back to the UK I had to have the IUD taken out because it was giving me cramps so bad I couldn’t function, and was constantly bleeding. When I went back to Korea I went back there for Nuvaring, and was forced to do a whole medical before she would even prescribe it to me 😦 I was happy to have it finally, because its the only place I could get it.

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