Procrastination…pluses and minuses

I have had several pieces of mail that I’ve been needing to send out. I told myself last Saturday (it’s Thursday today) that I would go to the post office on MONDAY. Well, Monday came and went along with my line of excuses.

My first year in Korea I lived RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET (a small street at that) from the post office. I would go to the post office every few days sending off postcards, etc…just because it was so convenient and I was treated like a V.I.P  since ya know… I was a regular. ^^

Last year it took me 20 minutes if I hustled to get to the post office. Once again, I would go every few weeks, sending off the month’s birthday cards, etc…But never did I ever procrastinate or think to myself…”aw, gee…it’s sooooo faarrrr to walk there.” And even though there was ALWAYS a long line, they had 2 computers for people to use while waiting, which I always used.

This year it takes me 15 minutes to get to the post office if I hustle and get the green lights. I’ve also started walking across the street illegally at a part  that isn’t so busy. So, I could potentially get to the post office in 10 minutes if I book it and stop for nothing. ^^  So, today was the day I actually pushed my butt out of my apartment to go. I don’t really like going because both other times I’ve gone {yes, I’ve only been there TWICE since I arrived in December!! —–Gasp—} there have been SUUUPERRRR long lines and wait times…so even though it only takes 10 minutes to walk there, I’m stuck waiting there for another 20.  And I don’t recall if this post office has free computers??? Maybe? BLAH. Anyway, Ms. Taylor doesn’t wait in Korea. I’ll establish this in other blogs…hold onto that thought.

Going on:  As I was getting ready to leave my apartment, I thought I heard rain. I thought, “It’s NOT raining, is it?!@&^#$&*!^#(!&@*(&@!!”  The one bloody day I’m actually motivated to walk over there and wait in the ridiculous line?  Grrrrr…….. But it wasn’t raining—-when I left. I had made it to the end of my block when it started raining.”Bravo” as my students would say.  And I don’t find it thrilling to walk in the rain. It doesn’t “do it” for me. What it DOES do is frizz up my hair and leave acid rain spots on my glasses. So instead of running back home and getting my umbrella which would have been a lot closer, I started running toward the post office. I thought, “Grrrrr…I’m OUT of my apartment. There’s no guarantee that I will leave my apartment again if I go back for my umbrella.”  So, off I ran to the post office. And I got there in 5 minutes. 🙂 And as I walked in I saw NO ONE!!!! WOOT WOOT!  The Universe had rewarded me for my determination and rain-running!  YAY! !    Good times. So, I sent off my mail and saw that it was barely raining outside and so I ran back home. Total post office time: 12 minutes. Oh yah!!!!  It’s taken me longer to pick out and iron my clothes for the day. 😀

So, all in all…I would say my procrastinating paid off. (Not really. My deepest apology to my dear Aunt D whose birthday card will be reaching her several days after her actual birthday due to my procrastination.)   See people? It DOESN’T pay off!    😦      Buuut, I ultimately ran my errand in half the time! If I hadn’t waited until today–when it was raining, I would have walked over instead of running and well, that turned out well.    🙂    Hence, pluses and minuses.

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.”  ~William James


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  1. Sher replied:

    Run, Forrest, Run!!!!!!!!!!

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