There’s nothing like the smell of stagnant water/toilet water/dirty mop/bacteria-filled air droplets combined with gads and gads of Febreze.

Febreze ads have always been popular in Korea (since I got here in 2006…)  Koreans frickin’ love Febreze (AKA  Feh-buh-ree-jee). Well, it would make sense that my yoga studio would have a supply of 100 cans on hand to use at any given time since Koreans love the stuff.

I walked in to the yoga studio one Monday morning (too early to actually WANT to do yoga) …pushed the electronic button to open the door and WHOOOOSHHHHH—-as the door slid open a horrid smell of wet, mildewy towels/dirty mop/1000 farts attacked me like a running back.   (((GAG))) (((CHOKE))) (((GASP))))  Ugh*

As I walked in,  an expression of being on the verge of gagging must have come across my face because as I was walking in, the secretary woman grabbed a can of Febreze and started “cleaning” the entire foyer. UGH!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!   She sprayed that stuff over every inch of open space and nearly jumped up on a chair to spray the ceiling. I’m lucky she didn’t spray me.

So, then there was a Febreze-infused 1000 farts/dirty mop/mildewy towel smell. Yummy.

And this just in:


“Febreze Is Dangerous to Pets

There have been multiple instances of dogs and birds who have died or became very ill after being exposed to Febreze, a deodorizer/air freshener. Febreze contains zinc chloride, which is very dangerous for animals.

Please do not use Febreze anywhere near your pets! If you have used it near your pets or on their bedding, clean the bedding/area thoroughly to remove the Febreze, and move the animals away from the area.

Febreze: This product is marketed as something that removes odors without covering them up. However, there is a strong smell to it, but worse than that, Febreze contains zinc chloride. Many birds have already been killed after this product was used in any proximity to them whatsoever, and some dogs have also died.”



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  1. December McMahon replied:

    Keep that crap away from my Ruthie!

  2. December McMahon replied:

    I need to share this entry with the people back home who think Im making excuses for the fact that I dont send things anymore…its too darn inconvenient to go and my work hours dont allow me the time to go even if I so desired.

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