Home Cookin’

You know, going on my 3rd year in Korea…I am finally realizing the importance of HOME COOKING.

I’m not talking about cooking your own food AT home…I’m talking about cooking food FROM HOME!!!  Home sweeeet home.

My first year in Korea was a bust as far as “food” was concerned. My main staples were chips, soda, bread from Paris Baguette, bread from Tous les Jours, bread from Panamie, and well…you get the point.  1 year and 10 pounds later, I went home to release the 10 pounds gained from eating non-food everyday…and enjoyed HOME COOKING. 😀

Second year in Korea wasn’t much better. My father encouraged me to make my own food and even came and visited me for an entire month cooking his eggs and potatoes for me at breakfast and his “Chevy Chase” for dinner. But, it still wasn’t the same as home because those weren’t dishes he’d usually prepare–or at least–not with the TRUE ingredients. And he never cooked me any Indian food. 😦

Well, “Take 3” in Korea and I am cooking more than ever in my apartment with the smallest kitchen ever. –1– burner. ONE, ELECTRIC burner at that! Last year I had –4 burners–, a lovely stove with a mini “fish oven” to boot. The difference in this year is that I refuse to go without. I have sent out my desires to the Universe (i.e., GOOD FOOD) and that is precisely what I am getting. 😀  I have spices from back home, I go to the foreign marts and Costco and I buy all of the necessary ingredients to MAKE my own, deelish food in my apartment. I have no desire to go into a Korean restaurant and order Dwoenjang-chigge (Dwen-jong Chee-gay)….nope.  No thanks. Anyway, I am on a kimchi strike. I believe it is the cause of my stomach cramps and that’s that.

Sooo, the point of me sharing all of this with you is that for the first time EVER—–back home or abroad, I made a recipe my special dad taught me!~~!!~!~!~!~~!  And it tasted THE SAME AS IT TASTES BACK HOME!  😀   And I thought about my dads. And my moms. And my sisters. And my niece and nephew. And my cousins. And my BFF. ^^  And my dearly departed cat. :*(   I thought about HOME with each bite.  It finally came to me: I now know why people will always cherish the foods from their homelands. 🙂

I will start making my Indian dishes much more often. I calculated that it’s really not all that expensive if I divide the recipe up into 3 servings. 😀   Anyway, a teacher of mine says that our ancestors have more impact on our lives than we will/can ever imagine. I believe it. As I get older, I feel the desire to learn about my heritage—from both sides….German and Indian. And well, FOOD of course ties in with customs and traditions now, doesn’t it?!?

I will post the recipe later  for you all to try. (((Slurp, slurp)))

“You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I’m not hungry enough to eat six.”  —- Yogi Berra    ^^  heehee


March 10, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Osea replied:

    Aw, Celeste–wonderful You’ve got a flair for writing. Another great post.

  2. Sher replied:

    So when am I invited over for some subji!??!

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