The Universe Intervenes x3… :-)

Thanks, Universe. I know you got my back!!!

Like my maman always says…”The Universe Works in Mysterious Ways.”

Amen to that, maman.

#1 Ordered my FAVE Sour Cream doughnut from Krispy Kreme while in Busan. I haven’t been partaking in much (imho) sweet stuff, but I figured ~~eh, I was on vacation!!!!!?  So, I bought one and just as I was feeling as though I could have made a better breakfast decision, half of the damn thing broke off and fell on the floor. Thanks, Universe!!  Ya bubba!

#2 I ordered a cheese, veggie quiche to share with a gal at my meeting on Sunday and well, had fairly recently eaten my breakfast before arriving at the meeting. But, gee…I always tell myself that traveling by bus and walking around burns soooo many calories…hence the “snack” I rationalized only after 2 hours of eating. Eh. Yah. So, as I was thinking that I wasn’t **really** hungry…I poked the biggest triangular piece of the quiche and wouldn’t ya know…the piece plopped right off my fork and landed smack on the floor. WHA HA HA HA HA. Love it. Thanks, Universe. You devilish helper, you!~!~!~!

And last night I told myself that I wasn’t going to start Hot Yoga (it’s a 3-month commitment the way I wanna go about it—i.e., the cheaper way) today because well…(((insert several hocus pocus excuses here))) and so I didn’t set my alarm to wake-up for class. Well, I have been waking up at a steady 9:12 am-9:32 am time for the past 3 months.  And wouldn’t ya know I woke-up **miraculously** at 8am this morning. So, I figured it was a bloody sign from my good ol’ friend the Universe to get my butt on over to the Hot Yoga studio. Blah!  HA HA. So, I went. I signed up, paid my money and took my class. I felt really relaxed and centered after the class. That feeling lasted approximately 3 minutes. Then it was back to life as usual!  😀   I’ll be going every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and am figuring it’s a great way to break up the year.

I talked with my dear friend, DuhKneeSuh here recently. We were sharing that we both had 9 months left on our contracts. A pregnancy!  It’s fabulous!  So, I decided to break-up my pregnancy into 3-month long goals. Each goal will end with the attainment of it (ideally) and some sort of festivity to mark its end. Bravo I say. I think it’s just the thing I need to jazz up my life a bit.  So, Hot Yoga is my thing for the coming 3-months.  I really am excited to feel tall and straight again. Sometimes I feel like such a roly-poly.  😛  But they’re so cute and fun to play with, aren’t they?

And with that note…tah tah~!~!

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”  —Aldous Huxley


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