EEK~~~It’s NOT happening! Is it? FPB!?!?!?

Lord have mercy. I am NOT experiencing this. No. Not me. I’m half Indian for goodness’ sake.

Quick segue before I actually divulge what the heck I’m talking about:

During my first 2 years in Korea, I met a handful of girls who complained about losing their hair in larger-than-normal amounts since they had arrived in Korea. And I would listen. And I would think, “gee…that sucks.” But I went on with my life thinking very little else about their situation.

Now…Year 3 in Korea. And I have been noticing my hair is thinning at the front of my head. &%*&!^(@&!)@*)!(&@$%@&^@$%^&#!&@^(!*&@()*!)&*(#(*^!$#&*%$*&@^#(!*&@)!@&!

This is no F*ing laughing matter. Seriously? Female Pattern Baldness? Moi? Lil’ ol’ ME!??!!?!? No. Never. Ever. &^#(*!@&!*@)(!*)(!*@()!*@)(!*@()!@*()!*@)(*@)(!*@()!@**!#^&#%!^!$%^@&%!@^&%!@&*^@&!*^!@




(((((((break something))))))



I’m all right.

What I am trying to convey is that I am most definitely freaking out about this and am puzzled, perplexed, thrown for a loop…etc.

I can see my scalp (sniff, sniff), what is going on? Why?

I Googled female patten baldness and….sighhhh…read about it a bit. It seems to be caused by hormone imbalances. Bravo. I really thought it was the kimchi. I blame that shit for everything bad that happens to me here.

So, I called my sister who has a dental situation going on right now (think pus-filled sac…) and I told her that I trump her pus-filled sac with my female pattern baldness and cellulite creeping its way down to my knees. I just love being a woman.

More on FPB later. I know you’ll be itching in your seats to read more.

And so… during this time of stress about balding…I can only think of one quote that *kind of* eases the sting…

“Outside show is a poor substitute for inner worth.” — Aesop


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  1. Sher replied:

    Pus filled sac? Niiiice.
    *I* have molar teeth that popped in. HAHAHA
    Nada else. As of yet, anyway.

    As far as losing lots of hair. I think you can contribute THAT to starightening your hair so much. Thats how I feel about that, anyway!

  2. Sher replied:

    …straightening, too

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