Commoner turned Celebrity

So, a friend and I went to see a belly dance show in Seoul today. It was an all-day event with a competition in the early afternoon and then two professional performance shows in the evening. Anyway, I knew there would be “big names” in the belly dance community there, so I told my friend to wear her fancy jewelry and make-up so we would look good when we took pictures with the cast members of the show.

Well, seeing as we live in a new, small city and have sketchy bus service to our home–we felt the need to immediately head home after the show ended at 10:15pm…So, we hopped in a cab and gratefully caught one of the last buses to our city with no problem. Although, we hadn’t taken a picture with any belly dancers…(sniff, sniff).

But earlier in the evening we were leaving the performance venue to go get some food. On our way out, we were stopped by a Korean woman who held out her hand to me and asked, “Can I take a picture with you?” And I thought…”hmm, she probably wants me to take a picture OF her…”And so I asked her to clarify and it was a little awkward for a moment while we were each figuring out what the other was trying to communicate. After the moment had passed, my friend and I looked at each other like, “O.K. The woman actually wants to take a picture WITH me.” And it was sort of humorous but I felt silly because there was absolutely no reason why she should have wanted to take a picture with me. My friend and I both joked that the lady must have  thought I was part of the belly dance show. (My eye make-up must have been THAT good.)  😀

So, there I was…a commoner turned celebrity. Only in Korea, peeps! Love it!!


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One Comment

  1. Lynn replied:

    I’m sure you, standing in for Kate Winslet, go to shows like that all the time. Wink…did you get any perks in your celeb status?

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