Pinched cheek

I have been thinking about the people in my life lately. I am living in a certain place, surrounded by certain people. And I wonder what it is that brings me and certain people closer together and not certain other people who I might be close to in proximity. Anyway, I was talking with someone yesterday, asked a simple question, and she pinched my cheek in an “oh- you’re-so-cute -I-just- have-to-pinch-your-cheek-5-year-old-experience” way. Oh Lord.  (insert eye roll)

I am taking an online course now that is supposed to help me explore old experiences and draw from them “lessons” and “clues” about why my life is the way it is now and give me a greater perspective on how to CHANGE my life in to the life I wish to lead. A life that doesn’t include people pinching my cheek because I’d asked an oh-so-cute question.

I am no longer 5 years old although I am gaining clarity on why people treat me as an innocent, sweet, cute “girl.” It’s no help living in a society that lauds adolescent-acting and dressing in adult women. The woman at the bank, pregnant and in her mid-late 30’s was wearing a lavender bow on the side of her head yesterday. It’s CUTE. Maybe I should interpret my cheek pinching as a compliment? Err…

Now that I’m aware of my personal desire to become OTHER THAN “cute” I can take the steps and actions to transform into a more MATURE version of moi. 😀 Baby steps, of course.  (insert baby giggle here)

Wha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


February 11, 2010. Uncategorized.

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